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Agricultural Research Service Information from USDA
This image gallery provides photos on laboratory and field research, plants, animals, crops, and insects.

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Photo Library
This site contains photos of locations where atmospheric radiation studies have been conducted (North Slope of Alaska, Tropical Western Pacific, and Southern Great Plains) and monitoring equipment.

Brookhaven National Laboratory's Image Gallery
This site contains a dozen of images of Brookhaven National Laboratory facilities, equipment, and research.

NASA Photo Library
This site contains an extensive collection of photos, audio tracks, video clips, and artwork related to aeronautics and the exploration of outer space.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Photo Library
This collection -- more than 7,000 photos -- spans centuries of time and much of the natural world from the center of the Earth to the surface of the Sun.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Photo Library
This collection consists of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology photographs.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Photo Library
This site contains photos of research and development work done at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee.

US Air Force Photos
The US Air Force provides this site, with ~1000 military aircraft, operations, etc. US Army Corps of Engineers
This site consists of photos of a majority of the Corps of Engineers civil and military projects from around the world.

US Department of Defense: DefenseLink
This site provides more than 2000 photos of exercises, operations, emergency services, and other military activities. Detailed captions discussing current events are also included.

US Department of Energy Historical Photos
This site contains about 30 photos of historical events, items, and facilities relating to US energy production, national security, environmental quality, and science and technology. Examples of photos include the Trinity device, President Harry S. Truman signing the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, Shippingport Atomic Power Station in 1957, Three Mile Island Nuclear Power, and Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson touring Pantex.

US Fish and Wildlife Service
This site contains still photos of wildlife, plants, National Wildlife Refuges, scenic locations and wildlife management work. Often, low- and higher-resolution images are available.

US Marine Corps Photos & Graphics
The official site of the US Marine Corps, this site contains current images of Marines in action.